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To know our conditios, terms and policies must not be a hard task.

We summarize this here.


Conditions of use

1.- We use cookies. To use this site and ensure you will have the best experience we provide, you must accept the use of our cookies.

By navigating in we collect cookies to offer the visitor an unique experience.

Specially, The Client Zone needs cookies to work properly. If you turn cookies off, you could not be able to enter to your account in the Client Zone of

We collect information from you like your IP, the time you navigate in the site, and the pages you visit. We use some tools to collect this information, and keep it safe.

2.- We present some ways to contact us. You have to enter real information. You are not allowed to use the contact information to send emails automatically.

You may use the contact form:

Be sure to mark the check of ” I accept the terms and conditions”, otherwise you won’t be able to send your information request in the contact form. We apply the Google service of reCAPTCHA to avoid robots.

By entering your email or phone number, you accept that gets in contact with you. We can use your email to send information about products, services or activities related with cigars. We do not share your email to any other site or platform.

If you do not want to receive email from us, avoid using the contact form, do not create any account with us, and if you have already used any of these, contact us to delete your email from our registers. This action includes to delete any account (if exists), any previous comunication or information saved of you.

You also may use the email to contact us.

You can contact us by social networks.

You can send us a request, a question, a suggestion, a complaint, etc.

Rules to contact us:


  •  Enter valid information of you.
  •  Use a polite langauge, we preserve the right to omit your request if this contain a non acceptable content or languague.
  •  Avoid to send the same request more than once.
  •  Specify the most information you can.


3.- You have to fill the register form to have an account with us. Be sure to complete all the information in the form. During the process, you will be informed of every step to follow. The account can be for Manufacturers, Distributors, Shops or Cosumers.

4.- Avoid reproducing the information presented in this site. You are not allowed to copy and reproduce the information presented here, without written autorization.

All the content presented in this site: text, images, PDFs, information of brands, products and all the content here must be treated as privated. This site is autorized to present the third party information of brands and products.

5.- To use this site you must be 18 years old or older. We cannot be sure about the age of our visitors. Our part is to inform that visitors younger than 18 are not allowed to navigate here, nor to create an account or even to make any kind of request.

Terms of Use

By using to send a request, send an email of create an account, you start a direct relationship with us (Cuervo y Sobrinos Cigars). This relationship comes from the direct interest manifested by you and expressed in the form of a direct request from the forms of the site or a message by email.

Cigar Conexion is not a Cigar seller, as Distributor, you do not buy products directly from this site. We are an International Cigar Agent, we are the bridge that joins the manufacturers and distributors with the consumers.


  •  To Manufacturers: we present in this site the information about your brands and products. This information can be promoted in other means.
  •  To Distributors: we show you the products availables in your country, and you can use your account here to make quotations. We guide you step by step until you perform a complete transaction.
  •  To Shops: we let you see all the products an distributors availables in your country.
  •  To Consumers: an account with us will let you know more about the products availables in your country and the shops where you can buy.


It could be relevant for you, as buyer or as seller, to consider the responsibilities in the transportation. To know more about this, read this information related to INCOTERM.

Privacy Policies

The personal information we collect from you while you navigate in is your IP and your navigation behaviour. This information is saved and collected by third party tools like Google Analytics. We use this information to analyse the traffic of the site and other metrics.

By filling the Contact Form we collect and save:


  •  Your name
  •  Your lastname
  •  Your email
  •  Your company name
  •  The type of user you are: Businness, Manufacturer, Distributor, Shop, Consumer or Other.
  •  Your country
  •  Your message


This information is used to know about your request and can be used to contact you directly by email.

By filling our Register Form, we collect and save:


  •  Your name
  •  Your nickname
  •  Your email
  •  Your phone number
  •  Your company name
  •  The type of user you are: Manufacturer, Distributor, Shop or Consumer.
  •  Your country


This information is used to create your profile. Inside your profile, you can be requested for more information, like your address, required in some cases.

We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your Personally Identifiable Information.

If your account allows you to manage orders, this information is totally private, and it is only shared and presented between the accounts related in the transaction.

All the requests processed by Cuervo y Sobrinos Cigars: quotations, pre ordes, and orders, are stored and presented in the last stage.

The prices of the products can change any moment, but once the order is appoved, the price will be kept.

Cigar Conexion is not responsible of the extra costs about shipping and customs. Cigar Conexion is not the direct seller, neither the direct buyer.

The final cost must be included after the billing information is generated and presented in the final order.

Normally Cigar Conexion is not responsible of the extra costs about shipping and customs. Cuervo y Sobrinos Cigars is not the direct seller, neither the direct buyer.

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